• Who We Are:

    At BlueHorn Tea, we believe that tea is more than just a beverage; it's a journey that connects us to diverse cultures, promotes well-being, and fosters a sense of community. Our passion lies in curating an exceptional tea experience that transcends borders and brings people together.

  • Our Mission:

    We are on a mission to not only provide you with premium teas but to create a positive impact on the communities we serve. We stand firm in our commitment to source our teas ethically, ensuring fair market prices for farmers in developing countries. By doing so, we aim to uplift their standards of living, eliminate child labor, and foster sustainable farming practices.


    At BlueHorn Tea, our values are the heartbeat of our brand, guiding every decision we make and shaping the experience we offer. Rooted in authenticity and a commitment to positive impact, our values reflect who we are and why our brand is worth embracing.

    • Authenticity
    • Cultural Appreciation
    • Well-being
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Meet Our Founder

Meet Yubi Hassan, the 22-year-old visionary behind BlueHorn Tea. Yubi's passion for tea stems from cherished family rituals back home. Fueled by a mission to share these traditions, he embarked on a journey across continents, blending authentic cultural teas.

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Introducing Yubi Hassan

The Creative Dynamo Behind BlueHorn Tea

From Somalia to the States

Originally hailing from Somalia, Yubi embarked on a life-changing journey, landing in the United States in 2017 as an ambitious immigrant with a dream. Growing up in Somalia, Yubi's childhood was infused with the rich aroma of tea, a ritual he shared with grandparents and relatives. The early morning and late afternoon tea sessions weren't just a routine; they were a family celebration, a moment to connect and share love.

A Taste of Nostalgia

Fast forward to Yubi's college years at the University of St. Thomas, where homesickness hit hard. Yearning for the warmth of home and the cherished tea rituals, Yubi took a transformative trip back to Somalia during his third year. The memories flooded back, and the spark was lit – he was on a mission to share the joy, togetherness, and connectivity of his family's tea rituals with the world.

Tea Adventures Across Continents:

Yubi's quest didn't stop there. Fuelled by passion, he embarked on a journey across Somalia, Kenya, and 12 European countries, exploring the diverse tea-drinking cultures that make our world so wonderfully interconnected. Armed with inspiration, knowledge, and an undying energy, Yubi returned to the United States, ready to make his mark.

BlueHorn Tea Takes Flight

Enter BlueHorn Tea, born from the vibrant soul of the BlueHorn of Africa, a nod to Yubi's Somali roots. Armed with a suitcase full of authentic cultural tea blends, Yubi introduced his creations to friends and colleagues, creating an electrifying atmosphere of taste tests and excitement. The feedback was explosive, the flavors irresistible – and just like that, BlueHorn Tea burst onto the scene.

More Than a Beverage – It's a Journey!

Yubi's belief is simple but powerful: tea is more than just a beverage; it's a journey that connects us all. BlueHorn Tea isn't just about sipping; it's about savoring the flavors of diverse cultures, promoting well-being, and building a global community. Yubi's infectious energy and commitment to making tea a source of joy and togetherness have turned BlueHorn Tea into a movement.